Q: Why choose Jerry’s Carpet Care?

A: After ten years of quality service, Jerry's Carpet Care remains to be your friendly cleaning neighbor who loves doing the work for you. It is still the same Jerry who puts so much passion and care into his cleaning to ensure each and every customer is satisfied. Our top of the line equipment, affordable price and great customer service are good reasons to choose us over the rest.

Q: How much does it cost to clean my carpets?

A: The cost of cleaning really depends on the size of the area to be cleaned. Our prices are very affordable, so call us today for a free estimate. Also, please check what our customers say about our service and rates.

Q: How long does it take for my carpet to dry?

A: Our truck mount machine dries the carpet in about 24 hours.

Q: What is the process for carpet cleaning?

A: Jerry puts so much care into his cleaning to get the job done correctly.
First, he vacuums the carpet.
Second, he pre-sprays the carpet.
Third, he steam cleans the carpet with the RX-20.
Finally, he vacuums and finishes the carpet.
Fabric Protector is optional.


Q: What type of equipment do you use?

A: Jerry uses only top of the line equipment to clean carpets.
For more details on equipment, please go to the Equipment Page.

Q: How much notice do you require for a job?

A: Please give Jerry at least a 24 hour notice.

Q: Are you bonded?

A: Yes

Q. How far are you willing to travel?

A: Jerry’s Carpet Care is based in Sacramento, CA, but he is willing to travel within a 50 mile radius.

Q: Do you offer Fabric Protectors?

A: Yes, Jerry uses Scotch Guard Fabric Protector.